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By Appointment Only!
Call  801-475-7426
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For The Summer Months
SPECIAL 3-Months for $ 275.00
Free Into Class by appointment!
Limited Class size!

Weekly Self Defense classes Starting July 9th, 2024
$25.00 a week, no commitment!
or take advantage of our
SPECIAL Ending July 15th, 2024!

Our program is designed for ages 9 Years Old & UP!
Intro classes are by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Depending on age class will be determined after enrollment
Call for Details!
We limit the number of students per class for Saftey & Quality.
For more information & ask for a complimentary lesson.
Call or email us to Reserve Your Spot!
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Tuition for 2024
First time enrollment fee: $50.00
Month to month tuition: $125.00 or $ 100.00 EFT
Note: Any changes in membership changes to these new rates!

Inactive Students:
Re-instatement fee: $50.00 + new rate
Brown belt and above: $75.00 + new rate
Completed & approved reinstatement application

Belt Exam Fees:
Fees are posted and must be paid one week prior to testing along with GOOD SCHOOL Grades!
Note: Unlike other schools, Beginning in 2024 we do not charge for every Belt promotion.
Formal Exams are held for Green, Brown, Red & Black Belt Advancement Only!

Black Belt Club Membership:
One time acceptance fee: $100.00
Approval of completed and submitted “Black Belt Club Application.”
Benefits include: discounts on equipment and uniforms, reduced testing fee, special workshops & classes.

Leadership Team:
Students that have achieved Brown Belt & above, earned the title of “Instructor”, should be working on their Leadership Qualities that represent Karate Shin-Toshi, [Excellence inside and outside the Dojo.] Instructors at this level will need to be “Certified” in the knowledge of “All” requirements and in “Teaching” ANNUALLY!

Note: Qualified "Leadership Team Members" at 3rd Degree & Above MAY be eligible for Teaching rebate.