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By Appointment Only!
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Classes are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays ONLY!
from 5:45-6:30pm

Our program is designed for ages 9 years old!
We limit the number of students per class for Saftey & Quality.
For more information & ask for a complimentary lesson.

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Tuition for 2022
New Students:
First time enrollment fee: $50.00
Month to month tuition: $100.00 or $ 90.00 EFT

New Student SPECIAL: $199.00  Includes - 2-month tuition,
[Enrollment Fee &
FREE Uniform $ 85.00 Value]

Inactive Students:
Re-instatement fee: $50.00 + new rate
Brown belt and above: $75.00 + new rate
Completed & approved reinstatement application

Belt Exam Fees:
All fees are posted and must be paid one week prior to testing along with GOOD SCHOOL Grades!

Black Belt Club Membership:
One time acceptance fee: $100.00
Approval of completed and submitted “Black Belt Club Application.”
Benefits include: discounts on equipment and uniforms, reduced testing fee, special workshops & classes.

Leadership Team:
Students that have achieved Brown Belt & above, earned the title of “Instructor”, should be working on their Leadership Qualities that represent Karate Shin-Toshi, [Excellence inside and outside the Dojo]
Instructors at this level will need to be “Certified” in the knowledge of “All” requirements and in “Teaching” ANNUALLY! [Only Leadership team members are eligible for tuition rebates.]

Black Belt Tuition Beginning 1/1/2021:
Month-to-Month $80.00 or $ 75.00 EFT
3 – Month Special $200.00

Beginning January 1st, 2021 - EFT Only:
2nd Degree -$ 60.00 EFT or 1-Time fee $ 500.00 for the year due by January 15th
3rd Degree - $ 50.00 EFT or 1-Time fee $ 375.00 for the year due by January 15th
4th Degree - $ 40.00 EFT or 1-Time fee $ 275.00 for the year due by January 15th
5th Degree & Above - $ 30.00 EFT or 1-Time fee $ 125.00 for the year due by January 15th
[Note: 1-Time fees are for 1-year & non-refundable]

 Qualified "Leadership Team Members" eligible for Teaching rebate.
$300.00 max tuition per year for "Active" Qualified "Leadership Team Members" at 3rd Degree & Above!
"Leadership Team Members" [Certified] MAY qualify for a teaching rebate.